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The concert management and artist agency BMR Artist & Project Mangement works in its guest performance concerts and artist placements particular with artists who set standards in their interpretations through rigorously individualistic and spiritual artistic depth. Furthermore, a close, personal, trusting and artistic relationship between artist and agency forms the basis of the cooperation.

Benedikt Matthias Reimann

Benedikt Matthias Reimann
(c) Patricia Lozano/Mallorca Magazin

Benedikt Matthias Reimann was born in Augsburg in 1985. The foundation stone of his path into the world of classical music was laid by the concert pianist and piano teacher Mr. Michael Hubert-Gallée with his excellent teaching methodology and musical imprint at the renowned music high school at St. Stephan in Augsburg. Reimann was a choir singer at school, during his studies and with the Augsburg choir Vox Augustana, for whose association he also served as 1st chairman of the board.  Another musical companion was the baritone Maximilian Lika, with whom Benedikt Matthias Reimann performed as a song accompanist in his younger years. With the pianist Konstantin Lukinov he has a regular pianistic exchange on repertoire and interpretations of piano music.

Already during his studies of business administration in Bayreuth and Berlin, Benedikt Matthias Reimann became interested in cultural management, especially in event and agency management. He gained his first management experience as an employee at festivals. Concerts as an independent promoter and co-producer followed. Subsequently, Reimann held various management positions in sales, particularly in the IT industry, and looked after clients of different sizes, from small businesses to large multinational corporations. In 2018, Benedikt Matthias Reimann was managing partner and director of Festival MúsicaMallorca. From 2017 to 2019, he organized the Augsburg Concerts concert series as a local organizer. Since 2018, the agency BMR Artist & Project Management exists in the development and placement of guest performance concerts as well as in artist management and artist placement. In addition, Reimann supports concert projects on a consulting basis and, on request, supports clients and projects in the IT and financial sector in the areas of consulting, business development and sales.

In his university education as a business graduate, Benedikt Matthias Reimann dealt with legal and accounting issues in the music industry. His book "The 360 Degree Model in the Music Industry" is available online here.


Porträt - Augsburger Allgemeine, 27. Januar 2018: "Damit die Musik an den Mann kommt"

BMR Consulting & Business Management

On request, BMR Consulting & Business Management supports companies and projects in the IT and financial sector in the areas of consulting, business development, sales and management. The cooperation can take place on a project basis as well as in the form of continuous collaboration.