Konstantin Lukinov

(c) Johannes Gutfleisch
(c) Johannes Gutfleisch

Konstantin Lukinov was born in Moscow in 1989. The foundation for his career was laid by his parents, who, as composers, enabled and encouraged an early general musical education as well as an intensive involvement with the piano.

In 1997 his family moved to Germany. Lukinov acquired a wide repertoire of piano works and proved his playing in concerts and competitions such as "Jugend Musiziert", "Münchner Klavierpodium der Jugend" and the "Deutscher Musikwettbewerb". The artistic influences of Prof. Ernst Mauss (Augsburg Academy of Music), Alla Rubinova (private teacher in Augsburg), Ludmilla Gourari (Gourari Academy Munich), Prof. Lev Natochenny (Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts) and Ivan Sokolov (Moscow Conservatory) accompanied his creative path.

In 2010 Konstantin Lukinov retired to his hometown Moscow, engaged in jazz and rock music and played in bands and ensembles while studying at the Moscow Conservatory. He was a musical director in a traveling theater for children, composed and arranged music. Since 2017, Lukinov has been living back in Germany and re-entering classical concert life in the form of solo recitals, piano concerts and participation in various chamber concert projects.

Concert activities have taken him to Paris, Moscow, Vienna, Rome, Prague, Brno, Temesvar, Palma de Mallorca, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt, Bayreuth, Seeon, etc. In Augsburg, as artist in residence, he regularly gives concerts at Kongress am Park.

Lukinov has worked with renowned ensembles and artists such as the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Gießen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Camerata Brno, the Munich Bach Orchestra, bass-baritone Maximilian Lika, conductor and concert organist Hansjörg Albrecht, and composer Tobias PM Schneid.

With the preservation and cultivation of a free-spirited pianism and independent musicianship, he sees himself as a mediator between composers and listeners, thus living up to his conviction of presenting works free from academic traditions of interpretation.


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